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Year of Publication: 2021

Type of Publication: Journal Article

  • G.E. Iyawa; A.R. Dansharif; A. Khan. 2021. Mobile apps for self-management in pregnancy: A systematic review. Health and Technology, 1-12.
  • D. Shipena; T. Mude; F. Bhunu-Shava. 2021. Social Media Implications of Cybercrime on Human Security in Namibia. AfriFuture Research Bulletin 1 (2), 22-35, 2021; ISSN: 2710-0421 (Print) ISSN-L: 2788-8924 (Online)
  • C.7. Owuru; J.O. Osakwe; S. Akinsola. 2021. Utilisation of Information and Communication Technology for Environmental Sustainability: A Global Perspective.
  • P. Keskinen; H. Winschiers‐Theophilus; S. Chivuno‐Kuria; A. Müller; M. Nieminen. 2021. Digital microwork as a livelihood strategy in a Namibian informal settlement. The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries, e12197.
  • A. Pawluczuk; J. Lee; A.M. Gamundani. 2021. Bridging the gender digital divide: an analysis of existing guidance for gender digital inclusion programmes’ evaluations. Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance.
  • L. Kiana; M. Ujakpa; G.E. Iyawa; J.O. Osakwe; K. Iguna. 2021. Predictors of digital library adoption by undergraduate students: Perspectives based on Technology Acceptance Model. African Journal of Library, Archives & Information Science
  • M.M. Ziezo; J.O. Osakwe; M.M. Ujakpa; G.E. Iyawa. 2021. Challenges of Implementing Big Data Technology in Higher Institutions. Journal of Information Systems and Informatics, 3(3), 376-391.
  • J.O. Osakwe; T. Ankome; M. Ujakpa. 2021. ). Correlational Analysis of the Availability and Usage of Geographic Information Systems by Students and Lecturers a Higher Educational Institutions.
  • N. Goagoses; H. Itenge; H. Winschiers-Theophilus; U. Koglin. 2021. The influence of social achievement goals on academic engagement: a cross-sectional survey in a Namibian primary school. South African Journal of Psychology
  • T. Ankome; G.L. Zodi. 2021. Hierarchical Cooperative Intrusion Detection Method for MANETs (HCIDM). 2021 15TH International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication (IMCOM)
  • N. Suresh; V. Hashiyana; M.M. Ujakpa; A. Limbo; G.E. Iyawa; N.M. Ndapewa. 2021. Unleashing the Convergence of Cloud Computing with Internet of Things: Drivers for Integration. In Transforming the Internet of Things for Next-Generation Smart Systems (pp. 1-22). IGI Global.
  • I.N. Shaanika. 2021. Enterprise Architecture Framework for Windhoek Smart City Realisation. In Empowering Businesses with Collaborative Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
  • A. Makuvaza; D.S. Jat; A.M. Gamundani. 2021. Deep Neural Network (DNN) Solution for Real-time Detection of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks in Software Defined Networks (SDNs)

Type of Publication: Book Chapter

  • H. Winschiers-Theophilus; E. Blake; D. Maasz; C. Muashekele; P. Gallert; C. Stanley; A.K. Koruhama. 2021. Embracing Indigenous Knowledge Systems in ICT-Enabled Education. . Routledge
  • G.E. Iyawa; S. Hamunyela; A. Peters; S. Akinsola; I. Shaanika; B. Akinmoyeje; S. Mutelo. 2021. Digital Transformation and Global Health in Africa. . Handbook of Global Health     
  • 2021. Hybrid Deep Learning Model for Real-Time Detection of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks in Software Defined Networks. . Springer
  • N. Suresh; A. Limbo; V. Hashiyana; G.E. Iyawa; M. Ujakpa; N. Ntinda. 2021. Unleashing the Convergence of Cloud Computing with Internet of Things: Drivers for Integration. Transforming the Internet of Things for Next Generation Systems.

Year of Publication: 2018

Type of Publication: Journal Article

  • T. Iyamu; I.N. Shaanika. 2018. Challenges in Collecting Qualitative Data for Information Systems Studies.
  • T. Iyamu; I.N. Shaanika. 2018. Deployment of Enterprise Architecture From the Activity Theory Perspective.

Year of Publication: 2017

Type of Publication: Presentation

  • J. Quenum. 2017. Big Data Challenges in Logistics.
  • J. Husin; P. Elizabeth; S.J. Dharm. 2017. Internet Victimization Patterns Over Mobile Phone in Namibia.

 Type of Publication: Conference Paper

  • K. Frohlich; A. Peters. 2017. E-Government Social Exclusion and Satisfaction Among Namibian Citizens. A Case of a Namibian Government Ministry
  • H. Jazri; D.Singh Jat. 2017. A quick cybersecurity wellness evaluation framework for critical organizations. IEEE Conference Publications
  • R. Karon; N. Dlodlo. 2017. An Electronic Patient Records Management Impact Assessment Framework Based on Nurses Perceptions: a Namibian case
  • S. Musarurwa; A.M. Gamundani; S.F. Bhunu. 2017. A Review of Security Challenges for Control of Access to Wi-Fi Networks in Tertiary Institutions
  • J.O. Osakwe; N. Dlodlo; N. Jere. 2017. A proposed framework for the adoption of mobile learning in Namibian high schools.

Type of Publication: Journal Article     

  • N. Angula; N. Dlodlo. 2017. Mobile Technology for Health Information Dissemination
  • P. Makovhololo; I. Shaanika; T. Sekgweleo; H. Okigui. 2017. Use of Activity Theory to Comprehend the Impacts of Communication Barriers in Healthcare Data Analytics.
  • J.O. Osakwe; N. Dlodlo; N. Jere. 2017. Where learners' and teachers' perceptions on mobile learning meet: A case of Namibian secondary schools in the Khomas region.
  • H. Winschiers-Theophilus; T. Zaman; C. Stanley. 2017. A classification of cultural engagements in community technology design: introducing a transcultural approach.




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