Year of Publication: 2014
Type of Publication: Conference Proceedings
Publications Department
N.Rangarirai Jere; E. Kauhonina; A.M. Gamundani. 2014. A living lab methodological framework for Namibian ICT context: Current state of ICTs in Namibia vs the living lab concept. Informatics
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D.Singh Jat. 2014. Towards an improvement of Wireless Connectivity for the Internet of Things Devices. Computer Science
Type of Publication: Journal Article
Publications Department
S. Hamunyela; T. Iyamu. 2014. Readiness assessment model for the deployment of health information systems in the Namibian MoHSS Informatics
Year of Publication: 2013
Type of Publication: Journal Article
Publications Department
O.S. Akinsola. 2013. ICT adoption for bridging South African black farmers’ knowledge gap. Informatics
Type of Publication: Book Chapter
Publications Department
P. Gallert; M. Van der Velden. 2013. Dissecting Wikipedia’ s Catch-22. Wikimedia Commons, August. Knowledge_for_Wikipedia.pdf Computer Science
Type of Publication: Book
Publications Department
A.A. Azeez; T. Iyamu. 2013. Grid security loopholes with proposed counter-measures. Imperial College, London, UK. Informatics
A.E. Edim; H.N. Muyingi. 2013. Mobile commerce in teraction techniques for African rural economy development: A case study for Dwesa. Hong K ong: iConcep t Pr ess. Computer Science


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