Solidarity on Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was celebrated recently and NUST’s Faculty of Computing and Informatics and the Women in Computing Organisation, celebrated the event by extending a helping hand to less-privileged San women and girls in the regions. The Dean of the Faculty, Dr Anicia Peters, encouraged fortunate women to lend a helping hand to women and girls who are less privileged by donating cosmetics to the //Anna Djeh San Trust to distribute to San girls in the regions.

NUST, in partnership with the University of Namibia and industry partners, is running a donation drive where they seek assistance from women in the technology sector to support the //Anna Djeh San Trust at Tsumkwe. One of the reasons for the high dropout rate among female San learners in the area is the unaffordability and general lack of sanitary pads and other basic cosmetics in poverty stricken rural areas.

This donation drive will continue for the remainder of March. Interested persons can call Jesaria Khom-Oabes +264 61 207 2722 or Annastasia Shipepe +264 81 169 4714 or Emilia Shikeenga +264 85 560 2323. The Women in Computing Organisation will have another handover during their annual conference on 24 March 2018.

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