SCI Hosts Successful Programming Competition 2015

New territory was explored on the 8th of August 2015, as the Polytechnic of Namibia (now officially the Namibia University of Science and Technology) experienced an exciting programming competition. Initiated earlier this year in the School of Computing and Informatics, this idea came to maturing on the first day of the Polytechnic Annual Cultural Festival, attracting learners both young and old, to take part.

A group of 16 high school learners and a total of 44 Polytechnic of Namibia students had the privilege of being the first participants of this event, and all got their first taste of competitive programming. All coding was done during the course of the morning, then competitors got the opportunity to rest their minds and enjoy good conversation and good food with fellow programming enthusiasts, before resuming with their coding, then getting assessed afterwards.

The event was an overall success, with the only major thing a number of students requested for in the future being more time. Majority of the students insisted that, if given the opportunity, they would take part in the competition again.

The event was organised by a team of staff and students under the School of Computing and Informatics. Special mention must be made of Bank Windhoek and Old Mutual Investment Group Namibia, who sponsored the competition and were vital to the event’s success. Finally, special thanks go out to the Poly students, high school learners and all those who came to support the competition because their participation was vital to the success of the competition!

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