FCI Society

FCI Society Introduction

The FCI Society aims to ensure that every student pursuing a career in the field of Computing and Informatics is well informed, to be one of be the best candidate in the ever-growing field of Information and Communication Technology.

The FCI Society also aimed at creating and maintaining a much needed communication between the students and the industry. It will continue to strive for a well-informed group of potential students that are part of FCI and the University at large.

FCI Society Aims

  1. To provide multiple platforms for students aimed at educating them on current events in the field of Computing and Informatics.
  2. To provide active involvement of students in Faculty decisions.
  3. To create awareness of the field of Computing and informatics and bring exposure to the learners of High Schools.

Benefits of being a FCI society member

  • First preference to information
  • Discount on items regarding the society
  • Involvement in decision making regarding the faculty
  • Have voting privileges
  • Eligible to be a member in the management
  • Exposure to industry

How to sign up for membership:

  • Complete the registration form
  • Pay a once off membership fee of N$50.00 subjected to change to the treasurer
  • Collect your receipt

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