List of Frequently Asked Questions and the answers. Please also use the inbuilt search on the front page.

How do I apply?
Where do I view my Class Timetable?
What are the admission requirements for a programme offered by your faculty?
Where do I view my exam Timetable?
I am a prospective student. Where can I get more specific information for prospective students.

Please read When and How to apply on the NUST main website



View/Download your class timetables updated at the beginning of each semester on NUST main website


Please download the yearbook for this faculty. Yearbook contains detailed information on all programmes and courses offered, as well as admission requirements.

You can download the yearbook from the Main NUST website.





Before the exams begin we post the Exam timetable on the NUST website. It will usually be on the front page.

For your individual exam timetable you can log into the ITS Student Kiosk.

Download the following on the NUST Main website

Yearbook : Electronic Booklet providing all information on faculty. Detailed course description, admission requirement etc


Guide to Prospective Student: Information on studying at NUST pertaining to Prospective Students.


Tuition Fees


For all general information and Application Forms: Click on Study at NUST


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