New Courses to be offered at the Center of Excellence in Information Technology in 2020

  • Certificate in Ethical Hacking and Information Security NQF (Level 7)

The programme enables students to gain skills in security programming and get an in-depth insight into cognitive skills related to the Information Technology (IT) security domain. Students will be able to work in the fields of application security or ethical hacking, by acquiring practical skills to design and implement security measures in computer networks and systems.

  • Certificate in Advanced Web Technologies NQF (Level 7)

This programme is aimed at providing an understanding of emerging approaches in web technologies. It further aims to enable students to implement web applications and prepare them to stay abreast with the ever-changing face of technology in a growing industry.

  • Certificate in Ethical Hacking and Information Security NQF (Level 7)

This programme capacitates students knowledge of storage, processing, and analysis of big data. It explores the practical skills required to turn large volumes of data into actionable insights. This will be done through the designing and building of platforms and systems that can handle the gigantic amount of data available today. The programme further aims to develop students’ abilities to analyse big data using intelligent techniques.


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