6th NUST Annual Programming Competition

The Faculty of Computing and Informatics is it again. We are excited to invite high schools and tertiary students to participate in this year's 6th NUST Annual National Programming Competition. There are amazing prizes to be won such as cash prizes, trophies, gadgets, medals and much more.

 We are requesting all our potential participants for the 2021 competition, this includes learners in Namibian high schools and students in tertiary institutions to participate.
The closing date for registration is 31 August 2021 (before midnight).
To participate have the following requirements:
• Stable internet connection
• Laptop/desktop computer
• Programming language of choice (e.g., Python, Visual Basic, Java, C#, etc.)
• Suitable IDE/ Development tool
• Participation is ONLY through groups - Participants may build teams consisting of a minimum of two to a maximum of six friends/classmates.
• Team members should be from the same High School/Institutions of higher learning/Universities
• All learners must agree to participate in the competition and be informed that they may withdraw from the competition at any moment
• No additions may be made to teams, after an entry to the competition has been made (submitted)
Prospective participants can register online here: https://forms.gle/hLfwh7dMbGJLTFS16

If you have any questions related to the Programming Competition, you may email us on: prg.competition@nust.na or call us on +264 81 406 167

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