Cyber Security

Welcome to the Department of Cyber Security at Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Cyber Security is the study designed to provide technical knowledge and skills needed to protect and defend computer systems and networks. Students will have an opportunity to gain an understanding of how to plan, implement and monitor cyber security mechanisms to ensure protection of information technology assets or analyse, identify and remediate computer security problems and challenges.



The competition is run on an attack-and-defend basis using client-server architecture. Teams will be assigned a scenario (normally originating from industry defined problems or projects based on current trending challenges) and will defend the network from industry security professionals’ attacks.

The competition contributes immensely to technical and non-technical Cyber Security awareness, for the professional IT Society and for the development of systems security in Namibia, the region and the International community.

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Digital Forensics & Information Security Researchers

We are a group of researchers that have each unique research interests which altogether combined covers the breath and depth of cybersecurity research disciplines.

Our diverse team works collaboratively on many research projects and discharge community service responsibilities across board. Based on each member’s specific specialisations, they can spearhead and lead a research direction that speaks to their area of interest. Other team members can then join in to support the cause as their passion and expertise dictates.

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IC3 is a prestigious platform that brings together the top rising talent in cybersecurity from around the world to participate in a championship-based forum. With teams from 64 countries, over 200 cyber athletes, ages 17-25, will test their skills in challenges relating to web application and system exploitation, cryptography, reverse engineering, hardware challenges, and attack & defence. The Africc team is excited to compete with these teams and showcase their knowledge and skills in this rapidly growing field.

Dates:  July 31 - August 4, 2023
Place: San Diego, California

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